The Startup Show Off

On the top of the list of my failed job interviews the ‘promising startup’ stands tall. An arrogant recruiter asking silly questions, while having unnecessary attitude towards a quite stressed jobseeker trying to impress the person holding their future on the other end of the line.

If the paragraph above didn’t make sense, you’re not alone. I was quite astonished by the questions of this interview, which included my all-time-favourite ‘how to make a peanut butter and jam sandwich’. Never thought that sharing my midnight snack shenanigans would land me a job in tech and in fact, it didn’t.

For archive purposes, though, here’s my answer:

Explain how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Best bread is yesterday’s baguette that absorbs the perfect amount of jelly, while leaving room for the crunchy peanut butter to strategically land its crunchy bits among the seasonal relish. But, why make it a sandwich when you can make PBJ muffins and have the glorious breakfast in a tasty mouthful?

I seriously don’t have a clue what a recruiter wants to find out asking this question. It was quite surprising, though, that they called me for a phone interview, so there should be something that caught their attention there. But, then, why the interviewer was rude?

I guess I’ll never find out as there was no feedback after my phone interview except an email of rejection. All I gathered from this interaction was that I am no Shoreditch startup material, unless I get a beard I suppose and be cool without opening my mouth to instruct interns on how to spread jam on toast. I’m more than fine with this and certainly ready for the next interview!


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