What the heck is that?

It really is what the blog name suggests. Someone named Theo has a blog sharing thoughts and moments, either too good to pass or too bad not to discuss.

There wasn’t any more creative title for the blog and in fact, ‘Theo Has A Blog’ serves it right, as the goal here is to post with no filter and discuss anything that triggers mind, body and soul. No Tumblr¬†mantras, no Disney movies and checkered¬†blankets.

Why to start a blog now, then?

‘Because it’s 2017’, as Trudeau would say. I am sick and tired of the acceleration of the sharing speed though various social platforms and I am looking for a ‘vintage’ approach to sharing via online publishing. I don’t want to discuss any subject or share a moment in a Snapchat way and I thoroughly enjoy going through other people’s blogs on a Sunday morning.

So, here, to having a blog, then!